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Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Arunkumar Krishnakumar

Venture Capital, Blockchain, Crypto, Fintech & AI

Arun’s background is as a venture capital investor, speaker and writer in Fintech, Blockchain (cryptocurrency) and Artificial Intelligence. He has over 15 years’ experience in Financial Services, Data and Technology.

Sustainability and social responsibility are at the core of Arun’s work and he is incredibly passionate about the ‘Impact Innovation’ space, particularly how new technology can have a positive influence on communities around the world.

Arun has since provided valuable support to a whole host of new businesses as both an investor and advisor, and he is keen to share his knowledge and expertise with forward-thinking startups that share his passion for making a difference through their innovative models.


Efi Pylarinou

Independent Fintech & Blockchain Advisor

Efi is an independent Fintech/Blockchain advisor. A seasoned Wall Street professional, Efi has a PhD in Finance and has grown into a global Fintech influencer. She has also previously been included in the Women in Fintech powerlist by Innovate Finance; in the Women in Fintech DACH social ranking, and the Global Fintech 80.

Efi is held in high regard across the industry as an advisor on financial services digital transformation, with more than 160,000 Linkedin followers and a domain focus on Digital Wealth Management & Capital Markets.

Theo Lau

Theodora Lau

Founder, Speaker, Writer, Startup Advisor

Theo is a speaker, writer, and advisor, whose work seeks to spark innovation to improve consumer financial well-being and health. She is the founder of Unconventional Ventures, which focuses on developing and growing an ecosystem of corporates, entrepreneurs, and VCs to better address the unmet needs of consumers, with keen interests in women and minority founders.

Theo was named one of 44 “2017 Innovators to Watch” by Bank Innovation, ranked No. 2 Top FinTech Influencers by Onalytica, along with being top AI and Digital Transformation Influencers, and named a LinkedIn Top Voice for Economy and Finance.

As part of her work, she regularly advises startups in both the financial services and healthcare/caregiving spaces and recommends startups for accelerator programs.

Bradley Leimer

Bradley Leimer

Banking & Technology Writer, Speaker, Advisor

Bradley is Co-Founder of Unconventional Ventures, which connects founders to funders, provides mentorship to entrepreneurs, advisory to corporates, and broadens opportunities for diversity within the ecosystem. His belief is that anyone with great ideas should have a chance to succeed.

Bradley plays in the intersection between technology and human behaviour. His mantra is simply to help make banking better. He does this by evangelizing engagement banking strategies, which can be best described as a marketing, sales, and service model that deploys technology to achieve both customer intimacy and scale. A critical component of these efforts is understanding customer behaviour and predicting how it will eventually impact banking’s evolving business model.